Blue Ox Timber Frames recently raised a Douglas Fir timber frame home near St. Cloud, MN. This is a custom frame our designers had fun with, both on the interior and exterior.  

Fitting a large Douglas Fir king post truss in the shop.

Douglas Fir king post trusses waiting to go up.

We must have used all our good weather luck on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, because we fought rain, snow, ice, and mud in the raising of this frame. Fortunately, the site is located not far from Blue Ox HQ, so we didn’t have a stranded crew if the weather wasn’t cooperative. Even with all the weather issues, the raising went well, due in no small part to the professionalism of our crew.

The raising went in two phases: interior and exterior timbers. Once the interior timbers were up and the tongue and groove ceiling installed, the Enercept structural insulated panels went up. Once the panels were in place, we returned to install the exterior timbers.


The completed Douglas Fir timber frame at dusk.


The crew had to fight mud to install the tongue and groove ceiling.

This frame was our last big job of 2016. We are already working on our next projects and will soon have new installations and raisings for the new year.

An inside view of the installed tongue and groove ceiling.