About Us

Our Company. Our Vision

Blue Ox Timber Frames was established by Ben Miller in 2004.  Originally, a one man operation, the goals were relatively simple: follow a passion, serve others, and create high quality timeless timber frame structures.  The traditional mortise and tenon joinery was cut using only a saw, mortiser, and chisel in a borrowed uninsulated shop.

Over the years, Blue Ox has evolved to become a leader in our industry.  While increasing our demands for the quality and performance or our structures we have been relentless in refining our processes and improving our clients’ planning and building experience.  While the founding goals remain, our pursuit for constant improvement in all that we do still drives us.

Blue Ox is committed to changing the way America builds.   Our team of designers, craftsmen, and staff are dedicated to the traditions of our craft with the purpose of building structures that serve both people and the planet well.

Our vision is to change the way America builds.

Our mission is to always be improving the experience of our customers, elevating the lives of our families and colleagues and the never-ending pursuit to build innovative structures we are proud of.

Our values shape the culture of our company. While we love and respect the differences that make each of us unique, when it comes to these values you can either lead, follow or get out of the way.

  1. Family – Family is our number one priority both in and out of the workplace.
  2. Kaizen – To always be improving
  3. Grit – Consistent perseverance and the permanent quest toward excellence.
  4. Unity – Engage, embrace, and maximize the talents of our team in the direction of our shared goals.
  5. Proactive – Seeking efficient solutions and acting in anticipation of future needs.
  6. Integrity – Unwavering honesty in your words, efforts, and actions.

We look forward to working with you and invite you to contact us.