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West Central Minnesota Timber Frame Cabin – Update

We last saw this Douglas Fir timber frame lake cabin when it was raised in January. If you recall, the cabin is designed to wrap around an old growth oak tree while affording a panoramic view of the lake. This is the lakeside view of the cabin. The other side of the cabin, which wrapped around [...]

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Gathered Oaks Event Center – Progress Update

The BOTF shop is busy working on one of the largest timber frame structures we have had the opportunity to cut. While that is happening, we thought it would be a good opportunity to check in on some projects that we raised earlier this year. Generally, once we raise the timber frame, the general [...]

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West Central Minnesota Douglas Fir Timber Frame

Blue Ox Timber Frames recently did our first raising of 2017. This Douglas Fir timber frame cabin went up last week not too far from the BOTF shop. This custom home is replacing a cabin that was removed in the fall. Once the cabin was removed, the foundation for the timber frame was laid [...]

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Gathered Oaks Event Center

Blue Ox Timber Frames is currently hard at work with Rodel Construction on a new event center in Alexandria called Gathered Oaks. This is a sister property to Rustic Oaks, located in Moorehead, MN. Gathered Oaks consists of a remodeled and refurbished 100 year old barn and a new timber frame addition. The original [...]

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St. Croix River Valley Timber Frame Home

If you follow Blue Ox Timber Frames on Twitter and Instagram (who am I kidding, of course you do!) you have seen pictures of our most recent project. We are working on a timber frame home near the St. Croix River. The posts on the first trusses for this house are so long they extended out [...]

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