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West Central Minnesota Timber Frame Cabin – Update

We last saw this Douglas Fir timber frame lake cabin when it was raised in January. If you recall, the cabin is designed to wrap around an old growth oak tree while affording a panoramic view of the lake. This is the lakeside view of the cabin. The other side of the cabin, which wrapped around [...]

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Gathered Oaks Event Center – Progress Update

The BOTF shop is busy working on one of the largest timber frame structures we have had the opportunity to cut. While that is happening, we thought it would be a good opportunity to check in on some projects that we raised earlier this year. Generally, once we raise the timber frame, the general [...]

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Douglas Fir Custom Timber Frame Home – St. Cloud, MN

Blue Ox Timber Frames recently raised a Douglas Fir timber frame home near St. Cloud, MN. This is a custom frame our designers had fun with, both on the interior and exterior.   Fitting a large Douglas Fir king post truss in the shop. Douglas Fir king post trusses waiting to go [...]

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A Brief Look Back at 2016

Happy New Year from Blue Ox Timber Frames! We started and ended 2016 with projects within an hour of our shop. In between, we traveled all over the upper Midwest to raise timber frame homes, cabins, entries, and additions. From timber frame cabins on the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and throughout Minnesota, to convenience stores in North [...]

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Douglas Fir Timber Frame on the Upper Peninsula

We are now in the chill of winter, which can be challenging for any construction-based business. Blue Ox Timber Frames recently had the opportunity to race Mother Nature on a project located on the very northern tip of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. If you are unfamiliar with the Upper Peninsula, it is the northern [...]

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North Dakota Timber Addition

The Blue Ox Timber Frames crew recently traveled to North Dakota to raise a timber frame addition onto an existing house. Much like our recent EWP cabin in Minnesota, the homeowners wanted to utilize timbers in smaller space, so the timbers are primarily located in the roof/ceiling and supported by structural insulated panels from Enercept. [...]

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Douglas Fir Timber Frame Raising in Wisconsin

The Blue Ox Timber Frames crew has been very busy this summer, both in the shop and on the road. Recently, the Blue Ox crew traveled to Danbury, Wisconsin, to raise a Douglas Fir timber frame cabin. This cabin has many small touches that give it a lot of character. Douglas Fir timbers ready for [...]

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St. Croix River Valley Timber Frame Home

If you follow Blue Ox Timber Frames on Twitter and Instagram (who am I kidding, of course you do!) you have seen pictures of our most recent project. We are working on a timber frame home near the St. Croix River. The posts on the first trusses for this house are so long they extended out [...]

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