Custom Timber Frame Home Design


Site Determination & Preliminary Budget

Site: Your home should be unique to your lifestyle and your building site; the topography, views, and natural highlights of your property will likely influence the shape and flow of your home.

Budget: A successful home plan begins with the determination of three primary factors: size and complexity, quality, and cost. As you are gathering ideas for your home you will also want to prioritize your values for your new home and establish a budget that reflects those values.

You may choose to work with one of our design concepts, however the majority of our homes are custom designs which often require more time and attention to personalized details. Our design staff at Blue Ox Timber Frames will work closely with you to express your visions and encourage new ideas that compliment both your lifestyle and property.

We recommend that, while you gather ideas for your new home, you look through timber frame and home design magazines and books. It is beneficial to highlight floor plans and exterior features that you may want to incorporate into your own home. The little things are often what make a house a home and even the smallest of details should never be compromised.