At Blue Ox Timber Frames, we have a number of standard home plans available on our website. Many clients start with a standard plan, but as the planning process progresses, they start to make changes. Little changes at first, perhaps tweaking an entry or changing the orientation of a room, but those little changes soon morph into larger changes. In no time, the standard plan becomes the client’s plan. A custom home plan. A dream home plan.

A dream home starts in the abstract. You know you want something, but beyond that the details are vague. Often what we want is defined by what we don’t want. Blue Ox Timber Frames can help you bring those abstract home dreams to life. We have designers on staff who can work with you to bring your timber frame home vision to reality. Whatever you envision, we can find the wood type, finish, and design to give it life.

Inspiration can come at any time and may surprise you. Imagine it is a rainy late summer weekend, and you are looking for something to do. You see there is a Parade of Homes tour in a neighboring resort community and decide to go. You have always wanted to build a home, but that dream hasn’t yet become a reality. You visit a few homes on the tour and they are all very nice, but nothing that compels you to make your dream real. The last home on the tour is a timber frame home. You walk in and see this.

Now your brain is spinning. Rough hewn timbers, open ceilings, beautiful wood floors. This feels like the home you have always wanted to build. It is not exactly what you want, but you know you want a timber frame. Blue Ox Timber Frames will work with you every step of the way to design the exact home you want. The home of your dreams.