The BOTF shop is busy working on one of the largest timber frame structures we have had the opportunity to cut. While that is happening, we thought it would be a good opportunity to check in on some projects that we raised earlier this year. Generally, once we raise the timber frame, the general contractor steps in to do all the finishing work. If time allows, we always like to go back and see the progress that has been made.

When we last left Gathered Oaks, the new wedding event center located in Alexandria, MN, we had installed timbers within the original barn and raised the timbers on the addition. As you can see, Rodel Construction has been hard at work for the last few months and has made considerable progress.

A new timber entry with a shed roof will welcome guests into the original barn at Gathered Oaks.

Gathered Oaks consists of an original 100 year old barn that has been remodeled, while maintaining much of the original wood to retain its character.  There is also a new timber frame addition to provide every possible convenience and space for the event of your choice.

Timber beams in the original barn frame the windows overlooking Lake Charley.

These photos were taken on an overcast day. Despite the lack of sun, the windows let in an abundance of light so even a cloudy day seems bright.

Looking at the new addition from the original barn.

The loft area will provide a great view of the activities underneath, and a detailed look at the timbers in the ceiling.

From the loft, looking into the new addition.

The contrast of the new Douglas Fir timbers and the original planks within the barn is striking. Many great memories will be made in this space.

From the loft, looking into the original barn.

No design detail has been overlooked. For example, the corrugated metal in this stairwell carries through from the exterior of the building.

Coming down the steps from the loft provides a view of the deck, Lake Charley, and Douglas Fir timbers.

As I was leaving, I saw a young couple touring the facility and making plans. The first wedding will be held here next month.

Looking out from the new addition, over the deck, onto Lake Charley.

We will certainly return to Gathered Oaks once it is finished. If you are looking for a unique and storybook setting for a wedding, put Gathered Oaks on your list.

The view from the new addition back into the original barn.

Next week, we will revisit a timber frame cabin that was raised in the winter.