We last saw this Douglas Fir timber frame lake cabin when it was raised in January. If you recall, the cabin is designed to wrap around an old growth oak tree while affording a panoramic view of the lake. This is the lakeside view of the cabin.

The other side of the cabin, which wrapped around the oak tree. The tree has caution tape and sign on it to keep it safe.

The homeowners are very serious about preserving this tree.

Even without siding or exterior timbers, the outside of the cabin looks great. The finish on both the interior Douglas Fir timbers and ceiling glows in daylight.

The lake is our the glass doors to the left of the fireplace.

From the loft above the kitchen, you get a great view of the timbers through the length of the cabin.

The glass doors leading out to the lake. The fireplace is just around the corner to the right of this photo.

Looking out from under the loft, Douglas Fir timbers from many lakeside windows.

I am almost positive the scaffolding is not a permanent fixture.

Sturdy Douglas Fir posts and beams frame the view from directly under the loft.


HighPoint Homes has made a lot of progress since the frame was raised in January, but there is still work to be done. Blue Ox Timber Frames will back to install the exterior timbers. We will have more pictures and another update at that time.