The Blue Ox Timber Frames crew recently traveled to North Dakota to raise a timber frame addition onto an existing house. Much like our recent EWP cabin in Minnesota, the homeowners wanted to utilize timbers in smaller space, so the timbers are primarily located in the roof/ceiling and supported by structural insulated panels from Enercept.

Douglas Fir timber truss and ridge beam.

Douglas Fir truss installed onto an Enercept wall SIP.

This is a very effective method of getting the look and feel of timbers without overwhelming the available space. Another small touch that can make a space feel larger is extending the king posts and rafters above the ridge beam. This adds character, and that space makes the ceiling feel just a bit higher.

Douglas Fir timber truss

Both the rafters and ridge beam are resting on Enercept wall SIPs.

The completed ceiling, with Douglas Fir tongue and groove installed.

Douglas Fir tongue and groove ceiling.

The spline (rhymes with “pine”) where the king post intersects the ridge beam provides structural support and another visual cue to enhance the truss.

The last step was to install the Enercept roof panels. With that, our work was done!


The placement of the last Enercept roof SIP.

Although timbers themselves are large, they can be utilized in any space. Whether you are planning a new structure, an addition, or a remodel, Blue Ox Timber Frames can incorporate timbers in an attractive and appropriate way for the space.