Timber Frame Homes Rhode Island – RI

Just because Rhode Island is the smallest state in America doesn’t mean they don’t have room for a beautiful timber frame home! In fact, potential timber frame home owners typically enjoy building off the beaten path, which, as far as states go, is exactly what Rhode Island is. Even though it is small, you won’t be far from your neighbors as RI is officially the second most densely populated state in the nation, behind only New Jersey. If you are a history buff, Rhode Island is a great state for you, with an extremely rich history dating back to the foundation of America as it was the first state to declare independence from Great Britain. Rhode Island is also a great state to pick if you are looking to build a timber frame home on the water. Known throughout the US as “The Ocean State,” Rhode Island has 14 percent of it’s total area that is covered by water! Beautiful rocky shores are not hard to find in this state, and everyone knows timber frame homes look fantastic on the gorgeous northeastern coastal shores.


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