Timber Frame Homes Tennessee – TN


The great state of Tennessee lays in the heartland of American in the southeastern region of the nation. Bordering a total of nine different states, Tennessee is truly middle America. Most well known for it’s music scene Tennessee draws visitors desiring to recount the golden years of Elvis as well as country music die hards and new up and coming singers and songwriters. Tennessee’s two largest cities, Memphis and Nashville make up most of the state’s population. However, if you are not looking to build your timber frame home in the city, Tennessee has some great countryside locations to build timber frame homes in! Especially in the eastern region of the state, Tennessee is very beautiful. Mountain ranges and rivers cascading across the northeastern regions make this part of the state extremely appealing to homeowners looking to build timber frame homes. The eastern part of Tennessee is also home to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, a heavily visited tourist destination. Whether you are looking to build in one of the city centers of Nashville and Memphis, or if you are more interested in rural Tennessee, Blue Ox Timber Frames can help you choose which layout would be best for the location you choose!

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