Blue Ox Timber Frames recently raised an Eastern White Pine (EWP) cabin on a northern Minnesota lake. The crew installed the basement timbers during the first week, and then raised the timber frame the following week.

Eastern White Pine rafter on a cabin

An EWP rafter is lowered into place.

The basement timbers are exposed and provide support for the timber frame above. You can see the Enercept structural insulated panels (SIPs) in the exterior walls.

Eastern white pine basement timbers in a cabin.

Basement timbers with Enercept panels.

cabin timber joinery

Exposed joinery at the top of a basement post.

 Once all the basement timbers were set, the floor was installed and we were able to raise the timber frame.

Eastern White Pine cabin roof truss.

The first roof truss being moved into place.

Eastern White Pine cabin roof truss.

The last roof truss being moved into place.


After the timbers were raised, the tongue and groove ceiling was installed.

Tamarack tongue and groove ceiling

Partially installed tamarack tongue and groove ceiling.

The Eastern White Pine timbers are a natural complement to the surrounding lake and woods. We hope the homeowners enjoy their new cabin.