The construction of multi-storied buildings made out of wood is trending across the world. While Blue Ox Timber Frames will not be adding skyscrapers to our portfolio anytime soon, our timber frames have the same fundamental benefits.

  1. Timber buildings have a relaxing effect: “People associate wood with green spaces, they have an affinity for it.” This statement is based on a study comparing two groups of schoolchildren taught in classrooms with an identical layout. Two of the classrooms had timber floors, cabinets, and walls while the other two classrooms had linoleum floors, chipboard cabinets, and plasterboard walls. The students in the timber classrooms were more relaxed while working and had lower heart rates. This would explain why am happy after walking through our shop, with all the timber and sawdust.
  2. Timber Structures are Sustainable: The engineered timbers used in skyscrapers are made from “white wood” that is grown specifically for construction purposes. Blue Ox Timber Frames also generally uses sustainable harvested wood (Eastern White Pine, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar). Once the timbers are raised, they should also stay up a long time (see below), which eliminates the need to build another house.
  3. Timber Structures have Longevity: Wood, when properly cared for and maintained, will last for hundreds of years. As an example of a long-standing timber structure, the article cites Westminster Hall in London, which is the textbook example of a hammerbeam roof truss. Our craftsmen use the same construction techniques perfected centuries ago. Also, Blue Ox Timber Frames has been known to make a hammerbeam truss from time to time.
    timber hammerbeam truss

    A Blue Ox Timber Frames hammerbeam roof truss.


Relaxing, sustainable, and long-lasting. Blue Ox Timber Frames can deliver all of those qualities in a timber frame home that is a few stories short of skyscraper status.

Source: Why Wooden Skyscrapers are Springing Up Across the World – CNN