Timber Frame Homes California – CA


Looking to build a timber frame home in the great state of California? You won’t have to worry about finding an open location in this massive state! There’s room enough for everyone in California. Whether you’re looking to build a timber frame home in the northern redwood forests, or in sunny southern California, Blue Ox Timber frames has timber frame home plans that you’ll need! Known for beaches, fantastic weather, and the film and entertainment industry, California is not only a great place to visit, California is an even better place to live.  California is one of the nations’ largest states, with five major cities with large populations! Sacramento is the capitol city of California while cities like Los Angeles and San Fransisco are cultural hubs for the nation. Any city in California would be a good location for a timber frame home, but northern California offers a unique appeal to timber frame home owners. The mountains and countryside in northern California offer a unique landscape that you won’t find in other parts of the country. Unlike the Rockies, that have massive mountain top peaks, California’s mountain peaks are modest in size. However, the beauty in the northern California mountains is unparalleled in the western hemisphere!  Wherever you should choose to build your timber frame home in California you can’t go wrong building in this beautiful state with abundant room for all!

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