Meet The Team

For more than 15 years, Blue Ox Timer Frames has earned a reputation for excellence and craftsmanship. This is a direct reflection of our amazing team and partners.  Each team member is among the best in the industry and works tirelessly until your timber frame home is perfect.  That’s our promise to you.

Brianne Biggar – Business Operations

Brianne is the rudder that keeps Blue Ox on course. At times this is quite the responsibility. Brianne has been the Controller at BOTF for over 10 years. She is responsible, organized, and diligent while somehow still remarkably kind and patient. Brianne ensures that daily tasks at Blue Ox are managed and accomplished at an exceptional level. 

Brianne is the mother to two growing children and heavily involved in serving both her family and community through her church and local organizations. When she has the opportunity to relax you can find Brianne camping or on the water catching the largest walleyes in her group. Her favorite part about working at BOTF is seeing people’s timber frame dreams and ideas become a reality. 

Chris Hanson – Project Management

Many of our homeowners know Chris as a trusted and patient advocate who helps them through the planning, design, and construction of their home. Chris has been a Project Manager with BOTF for over 10 years. He is responsible for the unenviable task of scheduling and more desirable project management. Chris’ passion for timber framing and the people he serves is obvious to anyone who has the privilege to work with him. 

Behind the scenes, away from Blue Ox you will find Chris spending time with his wife and two children. He is often tending to his multitude of hobbies which include, but are not limited to, motocross, woodworking, biking, fly fishing, traveling, and a perpetual remodeling project at home. Chris’ favorite part of working at BOTF is the freedom to create.

Kim Green – Residential Designer

Kim is co-owner and designer with Woodland Home Design and has been part of the Blue Ox team for over a decade. While Kim may be responsible for developing our residential plans and overseeing the design and approval of key components to our homes, her role is much greater. Kim, in many ways, is the face of Blue Ox and the trusted advisor for many of our home owners as they work through the design and planning process of their home. Her job is to work to strike that delicate balance in making visions, with all the influences of the internet, a reality.

When Kim is not designing you may find her with her husband, 2 grown children, and lovable American Bulldog Meeya. In addition, she enjoys gardening, working on snowmobiles, or chasing powder out west on her next trip. Also, if you’re lucky, you might get to try her homemade salsa or Bloody Mary mix. Her favorite part of working with BOTF is the opportunity to be a part of making someone’s dream home become a reality through creativity and design. 

Radek Rázl – Timber Frame Designer / Engineer

With a degree in Wood Engineering and working from the Czech Republic, Radek is part of the original Blue Ox team. While working remotely, Radek is responsible for our timber frame designs, overseeing the engineering process, programming our Hundegger K2, and collaborating with the shop to ensure consistency and quality on each of our frames. We are beyond grateful for the technology that allows us to have someone halfway around the world be such an integral part of our company.

When not consumed with developing the next set of frame drawings Radek can be found spending time with his wife and two children helping on the family farm, fishing, running, cycling, hiking, or traveling Europe. Radek began his long-distance relationship with BOTF in 2005 with unknown expectations and an exciting challenge ahead. The experience has turned out to be the perfect passion and profession for him. His favorite aspect of working for BOTF is the everyday contact with American friends and colleagues as it helps him to stay in touch with the industry and English language.

Olai “Silas” Norby – Lead Timber Framer/CNC Operator

As part of the original Blue Ox team, Silas initially committed to move from North Carolina and help get the company started “for a couple of months.” Almost two decades later Silas is still on board and serves as our lead timber framer and CNC operator.  Every timber that works its way through the Blue Ox shop is inspected and carefully located within the frame by Silas before he either runs it through the machine or lays it out by hand. We are routinely perplexed trying to find new ways to challenge Silas and utilize his talents.

Silas, along with his wife and three children, can be found tending to their chickens, spending time on the lake, or making regular excursions to the North Shore.  Although Silas is a “dance dad” it’s in everyone’s best interest not to ask him to show off the latest moves he has learned.

Ben Miller – Founder

Ben is the founder and creative vision behind Blue Ox.  Ben is a passionate entrepreneur with an inspired mind that tends to lose track of time as he dives into a project, whether it be a client’s design or our next steps forward.

Away from work Ben values spending time with his family and tending to his inordinate number of hobbies and activities – none of which involve sitting still.

Ben values the opportunities and responsibilities that come with advancing an innovative and growing company.  While he appreciates the challenges that come with leading the company he finds enhancing the lives of others an even greater purpose.

Tabor – Team K9

Tabor is the big-hearted furry friend at Blue Ox Timber Frames.  Tabor is known for laying next to the wood burning stove in the office and enthusiastically retrieving wood scraps from the shop.