Timber Frame Homes Texas – TX

Interested in building a beautiful timber frame home in the great state of Texas? Timber frame homes look beautiful on ranch properties or in the city! Texas timber frame home owners love our layouts! As a state, Texas has so much to offer its residents! Rustic timber frame homes are perfect for ranches or hardened desert landscape. While Texas is known for its size, Blue Ox’s timber frame homes have space and aesthetic that fit great with the majesty of the state! There’s plenty of space to build in the vast state of Texas. Texas is known for its rich history and authentic Texan character and attitude. While it is true Texas is one of the nations’ largest desert states, it has a variety of landscape opportunities to offer potential homeowners. Texas offers a unique appeal to timber frame home owners with city or country living! Wherever you end up in the great state of Texas you’ll find a landscape that you will be sure to enjoy! Wherever you should choose to build your timber frame home in Texas, you’ll be pleased with your choice of location in such a beautiful state!

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